On the Move


The sun has risen 1,110 times since I moved to Los Angeles, and although my heart still occasionally aches for people and weather patterns on the east coast, this town has definitely settled into my system. (Or vice versa.)  When I arrived I was sure this was where I wanted to stay forever! Yay Los Angeles.. Then the dreaded 3 year mark hit. Let’s go back for a second here and analyze this strange 3 year cycle I have found myself in numerous times.

After high school I bounced around to a few different colleges until I decided that I wanted to park myself at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I did summer classes and took as many credits as I could at once, so I graduated from the 4 year program in 3 years. The minute I was done, I was out of there! Boston is beautiful! I love it. But after 3 years I was ready to go. I went straight to NYC. I loved it! It was perfect! I was a New York City girl! I started a band, recorded an album, all while having 3 different jobs that ate up every second that I wasn’t using to work on music. After 3 years, I was exhausted. NYC had broken my heart and my bank, and while I still love so many things about that town, I needed a change. I spent a little while touring with a new band, and then spent a few months in Canada but eventually I was ready to settle somewhere else. I decided to move to Vegas. (What?) As unexpected as this decision was, I made friends there that will last a lifetime. Then, after 3 months, I was ready to leave there too. I know 3 months isn’t the same as 3 years, but lets be real.. 3 months in Las Vegas can definitely FEEL like 3 years. 

Alas, I wound up in California. I knew the minute I got here that it would have my heart for a long time. The 3 year mark snuck up on me faster here than it had anywhere else. Time in LA moves much more quickly than any other town that I’ve called home. I attribute this mostly to the fact that there aren’t really any seasons. Not the kind I was used to at least. There is no long, unbearable winter to get through so my concept of time was warped. All of a sudden it’s 3 years later. 

Don’t get me wrong. I still adore Los Angeles. For the first time after the 3 year mark I’m not actually ready to move.  I want to have a place to stay when I am there, but my heart desperately needs to travel the world.  My next move was pretty clear. One night about 3 months ago.. February 16th to be exact, I had an epiphany. I had the BEST idea. I was so excited. I danced around the room like a little kid and texted my sister 14,000 times.  Over the next two months while my passion finally began to manifest into something with a bit of structure, I realized that the idea I had that night in February was actually one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever had. But because I was moving forward and following my heart, it morphed into what is now my plan to travel the world, explore music in different cultures, really explore the music in my own heart, and try to figure out what makes myself and other people happy. How can we be more inspired?  How can we bounce back more quickly from heartbreak and misfortune? Where are people the happiest? Can music really heal? I have so many questions! 

Let’s find out..