Notes from the Train: Germany to Switzerland


I am on the train from Germany to Switzerland. My 10th and final country on this journey. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by but also how much has happened. I left on this adventure to become a stronger, less naive human. I now realize I was far more naive than I ever imagined... but less so now than 3 weeks ago I suppose. Before this trip I never would have found myself unable to sleep because I was too busy watching Bosnian war documentaries. I want to learn every language. I want to learn every country. I want to know everything! That's an aggressive goal, I know.. but when have I ever been "realistic?" That would be so boring. Part of what helped me to learn so much was that I absolutely sucked on so many levels on this trip. I lost my wallet before I even got on the plane, which I realized half way to London. My cell phone broke. I missed so many trains, I spent more money than I should on busses since I randomly decided a few days before the trip that I wanted to get to Montenegro and Bosnia. I cried in Slovakia because I couldn’t understand how to take the train and I was so energetically off that day so I broke down. You get so spoiled when you everywhere you go someone speaks english and can help you... And then you find yourself in Slovakia at a train station where no one wants to help and it’s kind of scary. Lesson learned.

I can tell you for certain this is not the way I prefer to travel. I don’t need to spend 2 weeks on a beach somewhere, but day trips all over the place to different countries.. Not my favorite. I accomplished my goal but at the same time..I am so exhausted I can barely see straight. I think my next goal will include aspects from things I learned on this one. *Have an open mind but DO at least SOME planning* Otherwise it can get expensive.

Cheers from Switzerland. Country 32. Now I need a new plan.