My First Time Circling the Globe

During the spring and summer of 2016 I took my first trip all the way around the world. I didn't even realize until mid-journey that I was actually circling the globe for the first time. Here's my itinerary:

Round The World Trip Itinerary

Round The World Trip Itinerary

April 25 - Los Angeles, CA to Melbourne, Australia

June 18 - Melbourne to Perth, Australia

June 19 - Perth to Bali, Indonesia

June 25 - Bali to Gili Air, Lombok

June 28 - Back to Bali

June 29 - Bali to Phuket, Thailand

July 4 - Phuket to Bangkok, Thailand

July 6 - Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 12 - Back to Bangkok

July 13 - Bangkok to Athens, Greece (Layover in Moscow)

July 15 - Bus from Athens to Nafplio, Greece 

July 19 - Bus back to Athens

July 20 - Athens to Venice, Italy.

July 23 - Train from Venice to Florence, Italy

July 25 - Train from Florence to Rome, Italy 

July 28 - Rome to Los Angeles 

It was a crazy 3 months overseas and I'm grateful for every moment. I'm currently planning my next adventure. I'm thinking Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Senegal.. but my initial ideas usually look nothing like what I actually end up doing so.. we'll see.

If you want to know any more about the places I visited, feel free to contact me!