Notes from the Train: Germany to Switzerland

I am on the train from Germany to Switzerland. My 10th and final country on this journey. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by but also how much has happened. I left on this adventure to become a stronger, less naive human. I now realize I was far more naive than I ever imagined… but less so now than 3 weeks ago I suppose. Before this trip I never would have found myself unable to sleep because I was too busy watching Bosnian war documentaries. I want to learn every language. I want to learn every country. I want to know everything! That’s an aggressive goal, I know.. but when have I ever been “realistic?” That would be so boring.

Part of what helped me to learn so much was that I absolutely sucked on so many levels on this trip. I lost my wallet before I even got on the plane, which I realized half way to London. My cell phone broke. I missed so many trains, I spent more money than I should on busses since I randomly decided a few days before the trip that I wanted to get to Montenegro and Bosnia. I cried in Slovakia because I couldn’t understand how to take the train and I was so energetically off that day so I broke down. You get so spoiled when you everywhere you go someone speaks english and can help you… And then you find yourself in Slovakia at a train station where no one wants to help and it’s kind of scary. Lesson learned.

I can tell you for certain this is not the way I prefer to travel. I don’t need to spend 2 weeks on a beach somewhere, but day trips all over the place to different countries.. Not my favorite. I accomplished my goal but at the same time..I am so exhausted I can barely see straight. I think my next goal will include aspects from things I learned on this one. *Have an open mind but DO at least SOME planning* Otherwise it can get expensive.

Cheers from Switzerland. Country 32. Now I need a new plan.

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  1. Hi my name is Raymond I just happen to come across your periscope of the monkey forest and found your website as a result.( Enjoyed the scope) Your website is exactly what I have been looking for. I want to plan my own soul searching trip. I have traveled a lot in the past, but not to this extent of just going country to country.
    I have lived in several countries however, but I still find that I want to discover more about myself.
    Excited to read your blog and follow you on periscope. You actually enspire me to write my own blog about my thoughts and my life’s journey. Hope you don’t mind if I ask you questions.

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